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Want to try rTail?

Add your streams to the live demo.

Install rtail and start streaming to the demo server – see the results above.

$ npm install -g rtail
$ echo "Hello from demo" | rtail --id --host
⌘ + C

…or just start typing into stdin.

$ rtail --id --host --mute
⌘ + C

For other examples and a full rationale, follow the link below.

How it works

Pull-Requests welcome

rTail is open source and completely free to use.
The source code is available on GitHub.


From the community to the community

Kilian Ciuffolo

(original creator / mantainer)

Luca Orio

(UX/UI design)

Sandaruwan Silva


Sorel Mihai


Tim Riot


rTail is an open source project.
If you have any idea, suggestion, or feature request, join us on Github!


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