What Is News?


News is any event or development that is new to a newspaper reader, radio listener or television viewer. It is usually a human-interest story that may be entertaining or amusing, but it should also inform. It is the job of news media to inform and educate, while entertainment comes from other sources – music and drama on radio or television; crosswords and cartoons in newspapers.

Often, a news article will contain all the important facts of an event, such as who, what, when and where – plus any other relevant information. A good news article will have a concise but snappy headline that catches readers’ attention and then clearly informs them on what the article is all about. It will include quotes from key people involved in the story to give a personal touch, and it may have photographs to help illustrate some of the major points of the news.

It is important that a good news story be accurate, and it should not be misleading or inaccurate in order to maintain public trust. It should also be written in an objective way, without putting the news reporter’s own opinions into it, unless the article is an opinion piece or commentary. Professional journalists will generally be more factually accurate and have better access to reputable sources than the average amateur blogger.

Today’s world is more interconnected than ever, and current events are likely to impact you even if they do not directly affect you. If you want to keep up with the world around you, consider signing up for a few different news channels and enewsletters that cover all the bases – whether you are interested in a general overview of current affairs, or are looking for more in-depth coverage on a specific topic.

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