What is News?

News is the communication of current events and information to the public through various media channels. This includes print media such as newspapers and magazines, broadcasting such as radio and television, and online media such as websites and social media. News can also be delivered through word of mouth and other electronic means. News is a crucial source of information about local, national and international affairs and has been used since ancient times.

Essentially, news reports are articles about current events that are newsworthy and of interest to readers. They cover a wide range of topics from politics and war to sports and celebrity. It is the responsibility of journalists to decide which events are worthy of news coverage. This is usually determined by market research and public reaction.

It is important that a journalist stays impartial and does not use their own opinions in their reporting. This is especially important when writing about controversial subjects, such as terrorism or the Middle East. It is also essential that a journalist avoids using jargon in their reports or, if necessary, explains it to the reader at first mention. Similarly, adjectives such as brilliant and excellent should be avoided – the reader can judge for themselves how good or bad something is.

While there are many different types of news available, the most important thing is to find sources that you trust. This can be difficult, particularly as new and specialised outlets continue to open up, and as dubious news sites proliferate online.

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