What is Fashion?

Fashion is the prevailing styles of dress in a culture. It is a way to express oneself through the clothes that you wear and it also reflects your personality. Fashion is all about creating your own style by mixing and matching the different styles of clothing and accessories that you like.

Fashion changes rapidly – for example, bell bottom jeans went out of fashion and now baggy designer jeans are back in vogue. But it is believed that styles repeat every 20 years – so those low rise jeans you once discarded could be fashionable again in the future!

Often trends are set by influential people in society. These may be celebrities, sports figures or politicians who are seen wearing new styles. This may encourage other people to follow their lead.

Fashion shows are an important part of the fashion industry – these are events where designers show their latest ready to wear clothes. The shows are often attended by fashion buyers and the media.

The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar global business and the clothing that you wear has a big impact on your self-image. For this reason, it is important to choose a style that makes you look and feel good.

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