What is Fashion?


Fashion is a multibillion dollar global industry that encompasses design, manufacturing and marketing of clothing. Whether it’s a designer suit or a pair of jeans, fashion can be seen everywhere in our culture: on television shows and movies, music videos, billboards, the streets, magazines and newspaper articles. Fashion is also a form of self-expression, a way of displaying one’s mood and personality.

Fashion changes and varies over time, in different social groups, age groups, classes, and even within the same society. For example, young people will often follow the latest styles, while older individuals may stick to their established styles. A person who slavishly follows the latest trends is called a “fashion victim.”

The style of clothing worn by someone can reflect their attitude and status in the society. For instance, an elegantly dressed person can show off their wealth, and a casual person can express their relaxed personality with a simple outfit. Fashion also reflects a person’s gender; for example, men usually wear pants with a shirt, while women wear dresses or skirts.

Many different factors affect fashion trends, such as new discoveries in the world or the changing political and economic climate. For example, a new type of fabric from an exotic location may inspire designers to create a whole new clothing line. Similarly, musical genres can influence fashion trends, as can a celebrity’s personal taste and sense of style. These factors can cause a style to become popular or to disappear into obscurity.

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