The Importance of Fashion


Fashion is a way to express oneself, it can reflect your mood, your personality and your style. Fashion has been around for centuries and it is an important part of the culture. It is also a part of the art industry and it can be portrayed in different ways through clothes, accessories, shoes etc. Fashion is constantly changing and creating new trends.

Generally, fashion is something that is a product of cultural capitalism. The current system of fashion favours financial and social capital and ignores human and natural capital and the skills of its makers, obscuring its true cost and impact. It has been described as ‘post-truth’ because its narratives, presented in shops and magazines, are a series of illusions. They resemble bright cellophane wrappers that deflect attention from their contents.

The fashion is a reflection of the society and the people living in that society, it can also change with time. Fashion is influenced by many factors such as social status, age group, occupation and geography. The term fashionista and fashion victim refers to a person who follows the latest trends.

Colors also play a vital role in fashion. The trend in colors changes with the season. For example, the light color clothing is popular in summers while dark colors are popular during winters. Also, the flowy fabric is popular in spring while non-flowy fabrics are more preferred during winters.

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