The Benefits of Playing Team Sport

All around the world people of all ages and backgrounds gather to play team sport. Whether it’s soccer, football, basketball or baseball, team sports require an immense amount of collaboration and coordination to succeed. In this way, they teach us that a single person can not accomplish everything alone, which will serve them well in the workplace and their personal relationships.

In addition, team sports hone communication skills that will benefit kids in the classroom and their social life. This may include speaking up in class, listening to others’ opinions or discussing strategies with teammates. It also teaches children to communicate with one another, from locker room discussions to nonverbal cues while on the field.

Being part of a team will also help kids develop self-restraint and learn to make decisions under pressure. This will give them the confidence to take on leadership roles in their future careers or in their personal lives, such as navigating stressful situations at school or work.

Team athletes will also learn to respect and support their fellow players. They will learn to value the contributions of each member, which will teach them to be more understanding and empathetic in their everyday lives. This will also help them be more respectful of coaches, trainers and other authority figures in their lives.

Finally, playing team sports will encourage kids to stay physically active. They will be more likely to get up and go out for a game of volleyball on Saturday morning if they know they are accountable to their group of friends.

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