How to Make Newsworthy


A newsworthy event is one that is highly likely to get media coverage. Its size, severity, or impact are factors that determine its newsworthiness. For example, a 72-car pileup on a motorway would have a greater news impact than a three-car pileup. A larger number of people involved would also have a greater impact, as would an extreme effect or intensity.

The main purpose of news media is to inform and educate. Often, news can provide entertainment in other forms, like cartoons in a newspaper or crossword puzzles on a radio station. A good news story should be amusing and interesting, so that the readers stay interested. Here are some tips to make news stories more entertaining:

Human interest stories appeal to our emotions. These stories are usually about famous people or events. They can range from amusement to sadness. Most television news programs end with a humorous story, while newspapers have a special section for offbeat items. For this reason, they are often considered newsworthy. There are many types of stories, but each one has a unique audience appeal.

Newsworthy stories must be new, significant, and interesting. They should also affect the readers’ lives. Anything that does not fall into one of these categories is unlikely to be newsworthy. Likewise, newsworthy stories should not be boring or repetitive.

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