How Technology Benefits Us


Technology is an important part of our everyday life. It helps us communicate with others, make decisions, serve customers needs and requests, promote new products or services, manage our businesses and so much more.

Technology Benefits

Increases productivity: Technological tools have helped businesses automate most tasks in their departments, which enables them to increase production and efficiency. These tools also help businesses save money and time, which translates into increased profits.

Improves learning: Technology offers students an opportunity to learn through play and exploration. Games-based learning platforms like Kahoot can provide students with a chance to review information in an active manner. They can also play against other students, enhancing collaboration and creating a sense of community in the classroom.

Game-based learning can enliven difficult topics and subjects, promoting critical thinking. It can also motivate shy and reluctant students to participate in the classroom.

Technology can provide a space for students to share their work and build confidence in themselves. In a traditional classroom, students don’t often have the opportunity to be recognized for their work, and they may feel undervalued.

Studies following the task-based approach suggest that technology affects routine work by substituting or complementing tasks (Polanyi, 1966; Autor, 2015). However, research using contingency theories suggests that technological innovations can also increase employee’s flexibility and opportunities for decision-making and self-organization if the external environment is uncertain and competitive.

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