Home Improvement Myths

Home improvement

Home improvement, also known as home renovation or remodeling, is any type of work done to improve a home’s interior or exterior. The term “home improvement” can be applied to both structural and cosmetic changes, and may include renovation of the roof, basement, driveways or walkways, porches and patios, or additions of rooms or garages.

Home improvements can increase a property’s value, make it more functional or comfortable, or simply add to the aesthetic appeal of a house. Some homeowners choose to make home improvements because they plan on selling their property in the future, while others undertake them to enjoy living in a more updated or attractive house.

The most popular home renovations are sparkling bathroom overhauls, followed by big-ticket kitchen and basement remodels. However, it’s important to remember that not all remodels will yield the same return on investment; in fact, homeowners are only getting about 60% of their money back when they do a major renovation, according to a report by Contractor Growth Network.

Whether you plan to sell your property or are simply looking for ways to make it more livable, there are plenty of financing options available to help you get the home improvements you want without spending your entire life’s savings. And, before you pick up that sledgehammer, be sure to know these common home improvement myths so that you can avoid costly mistakes.

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