Fashion Style – Well Worn is Well Respected!


Fashion Style: well worn

When you wear the right clothing, people notice & give you a second look – so make sure you’re looking your best. It shows that you are confident & respect yourself enough to take time to make sure that what you are wearing makes you feel good.

It’s not just about what you’re wearing – it also covers your hairstyle, makeup & accessories. It’s a way of expressing yourself & being unique.

You can even turn your hobby into a career with so many opportunities out there. Whether it’s designing, sewing, marketing, styling or any other aspect of the industry, you can have your pick of job opportunities!

There’s something very satisfying about creating a look that’s new & unique, & getting noticed! Especially if it’s your own design!

Despite its many benefits, the global fashion industry faces challenges this year. Inflation and geopolitical concerns dominate the agenda, negatively impacting consumer demand and brands’ operating costs.

In 2023, the industry will need to rethink how it allocates talent, promotes, and establishes executive roles and teams–reflecting key priorities such as sustainability and digital acceleration.

The fashion industry’s ability to quickly adapt to changing trends and consumer priorities will be essential for its success in 2023, according to McKinsey analysis of global data. However, a recent survey suggests that the industry will need to overhaul its organization as well, with executive roles requiring a new vision to execute on priority issues such as sustainability and digital acceleration.

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