Business Services in OMW and JDeveloper

Business services

A business can benefit from a variety of different services. For example, a company may need the services of a pest exterminator or animal control professional to ensure its facility remains pest-free. Such services are important for employee safety and to avoid code violations. Other businesses may need the services of a maintenance service company to ensure their property is running efficiently. Another example is a company that needs tech support professionals to troubleshoot the company’s technology systems. These professionals can help keep employees productive by solving their problems and providing them with the necessary support.

Business services are Java classes that provide business logic to perform specific tasks. They can be internal or external and may call other services, or they can be published and used by other applications. Business services can be created with the Business Service Class Wizard, which helps you create the classes and methods that you need. There are rules and conventions that must be followed when creating and calling business services.

In OMW and JDeveloper, sample business services are provided. These sample business services can be reviewed just like any other business service. The workspace name can be changed in the context menu to suit your needs.

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