Business Services

Business services are the activities or actions that benefit companies without supplying physical goods. Large firms rely on these services for marketing, production, safety, cost and convenience purposes.

Service Design

Successful service businesses focus on delivering value to their customers and to each other. Managers must build systems that can effectively respond to a broad range of customer needs and desires, often with minimal or no direct input from employees.

Unlike product companies, which usually develop and market their offerings in such a way that they attain a brand name identification, service businesses must develop a reputation for the type and quality of their services. In most cases, this means developing a unique identity and a set of values that differentiates them from their competition.


The price of any service is determined by the value it provides to the customer and, in some cases, by the competition. Customers have a tendency to pay what they perceive the service to be worth, and to compare prices with one another.

Personal Services

Some companies offer personal services to employees, such as workout facilities or transportation. These help people maintain a better work-life balance, which can benefit the company’s productivity and profitability.


Businesses of all sizes require insurance services not just for their employees’ life and health coverage but for their property. These services allow them to reduce their financial obligations, which is important in the tough economic times.


A maintenance service professional works with a company’s equipment to keep it functioning properly and efficiently. They also assist with repairs when necessary.

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