Automobiles and Motorcycles


During the 20th century, automobiles became available throughout the world. Today, one quarter of passenger cars are produced in the United States, and over 70 million passenger cars are produced worldwide each year.

Automobiles are highly complex technical systems. Their design depends on the purpose of the vehicle. They can be two or three wheeled. They can be used to transport passengers, cargo, or both.

An automobile’s main engine is an internal combustion engine. It produces power for the wheels, and electricity for other systems. Its fuel is stored in an oil tank at the bottom of the engine. It can also be powered by an electric motor.

Cars are made from thousands of component parts. Most of them are manufactured by hand. The body of the vehicle consists of an outer shell, a passenger compartment, fenders, and trunk. It can be made of fiberglass or steel.

The dashboard is used to show the oil temperature and the amount of petrol in the tank. The car is also equipped with several instruments that indicate the speed. It has a brake system, which slows the car down. Power steering and automatic controls are common features.

The automobile industry developed rapidly during the first half of the twentieth century. After World War II, demand for automobiles grew in Europe and other parts of the world. Manufacturers developed new designs and added new features.

The automobile industry has a long history in the United States. In the 1890s, Henry Ford produced the first assembly line car. This made automobiles available to middle class families.

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